Four Ways to Observe Lent in 2019

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Observing Lent

Four Ways to Observe Lent

Four Ways to Observe Lent
Lent is a season of focus and preparation. It aligns our hearts with God’s heart as we approach Easter. The following are just a few ways to focus and prepare.

1. Give it Up

Consider giving up something that distracts from your important relationships like too much time on Twitter or Clash of Clans.

Maybe cut out screen usage for several hours a day.

Take a day of true rest: let go of toil for 24 hours.

2. Plug In

Consider adding in something that helps you connect to God.

Read a book of the Bible, a devotional, or practice Lectio Divina on a daily basis.

3. Serve

Start a new routine of service.

Volunteer regularly as an academic mentor, step up to volunteer in a local church, or visit a nursing home.

4. Share It

Make it a communal event.

Share your Lent practices with others via a small group and/or attending worship.