Rick’s Righting: July 23, 2021

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From the Pastor

Sunday is coming and we will worship. Or maybe we will choose not to. The weeks are long these days. Seven days can feel like ten. We need a break. Some time that we can catch our breath and unwind a little. In the Gospel of Mark, Jesus tells us the Sabbath was made for humanity and “the Son of Man was Lord of the Sabbath”. We need to rest in the arms of God. Take that time, to take time with our Creator. Church is a place of intentional worship, fellowship, and renewal. It is a time-honored teaching of scripture which directs us to join in a community of worshipers. Does it take effort, yes? That is part of the worship. Is it as fun as golf or fishing…I suppose that depends on the catch or the score? The effects of coming together in worship, developing relationships that share time in Christ, are not about the fun, the score, or the catch we might bring in. It is a deeper run of the river, the current that flows below the service. The one that pulls us together in a trinity of love and care, God, individual, and others. There are those of us who can no longer make the physical journey. We are working with our live stream to help anyone, and everyone join together with us and worship. Even so, some of our brothers and sisters are missing out on the healing, peace and community without a way to share the Spirit together. As a people we need to be intentional in our efforts to bring the love and peace of Christ to all of us.

If we have the ability, and choose not to join together, it is important to ask ourselves why we don’t need to practice this ancient wisdom given to us from God. One which calls us to come together in worship. Not for entertainment, but for the spiritual, mental and physical need to gather collectively in worship of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Join us this Sunday as we read from the Gospel of John 6:1-21 and look at life as we feast with God in times of storm and peace.

May the Grace and Peace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with You!

Pastor Rick