Rick’s Righting: October 22, 2021

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From the Pastor

Breaking Out, letting in the light.

Sometimes it’s hard to think outside of the box. The box of thoughts about life and people that keep us from having to wrestle with a difficult issue or feelings about one another. Some are passed down to us from previous generations or cultures or even recent ideas that have boxed us within ourselves or against one another. They bring walls between us, separating us physically, emotionally, or even socially. There are all kinds of fiction floating around social media that has become some form of a so-called truth. They create preconceived ideas that make it easier to separate us and even commit verbal or physical violence. Especially if we can blame, hurt, or ignore someone and claim it is God’s will. We need to stop, think, and let some light into the thought process. The old question of “what would Jesus do” is a good place to start.

In the Gospel of Mark, we find a blind man named Bartimaeus, his body is damaged by life and the world around him believes it is his fault. Somehow, either Bartimaeus or his parents have offended God who has cursed him with blindness. He spends his days outside of town, begging for meager substance, disrespected by his own community and possibly his own family. He represents all of those pushed to the side and despised for the difference of their mind, body, or both. Even Bartimaeus believes he is cursed for good reason, by his sin or that of his parents, he has become blind. God has struck him blind. The Gospel paints a powerful picture of the consequence of sin and our misunderstanding of God’s will. It is a broken theology that holds humanity back from extending comfort and care to one another when we need it most. 

There is so much more to this story in the Gospel and in our own lives. Join us Sunday as we look at this important question of God’s will and our own responsibility. 

May the Grace and Peace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with You!

Pastor Rick