A Word from Rick: January 7, 2022

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From the Pastor

The moment came. The child was born. The Word spoke. Generations have heard. Love from Love. One to another. The cross was nailed. The cup was filled. Grace upon grace. Did we turn our back? Have we dropped the cup?

Rick Davis

Three Maji-Wise Men, people outside of the faith, begin a journey and a story that a world of Maji-Wise people, everyday people, will follow. People inside and outside of the faith are called to find God. They come to see the Christ Child. Some have known him but turned away. Others have yet to see the living love of God.

In the image of the Wise Men, we see people from outside of the faith seeking more than they know. Like many of us today, the Maji know there is more to life than the acquisition of knowledge and wealth. Something that is greater even than simple survival. Instinctively we seek what is larger than knowledge, a wisdom that fills the gap within us. A wisdom that is understood within the deepest parts of our being. When we are open to hear the call within, we seek what is waiting for us. A child, a way, a life that comes with a peace with God. Even if we didn’t know such love and peace exist.

It is an international affair of all people. May we not turn our back on the love of God in this child. Join us Sunday in seeking, celebrating and worshiping the love of God in Christ.

May the Grace and Peace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you!

Pastor Rick