Friends and Family Sunday: October 16, 2022

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Sermon Series — ‘The Chosen’

Lunch after worship

Something we probably don’t talk enough about is our vision for our church family here in Bridgeport and that is to “Love God – Share God.” Friends & Family Sunday (a.k.a. Bring a Friend Sunday) is a perfect opportunity to carry out our vision!

Be praying for who you will invite.

10 Ways to Pray for Your Invitations to Church

  1. Pray for your potential guests.
  2. Pray for the opportunity to invite them to church.
  3. Pray for awareness of their need.
  4. Pray for awareness of the opportunity.
  5. Pray for the courage to invite them to church.
  6. Pray that they would accept the invitation.
  7. Pray they would follow through and come.
  8. Pray they will experience the welcoming love and hospitality of our church.
  9. Pray that the message and worship will be awe-inspiring
  10. Pray that they will hear the message and grow one step closer to God.

Fall is in the air, the temperatures are cooling, the days are getting shorter, and the church is preparing for a new season.

Before you know it, we’ll be ‘Decking the Halls’ (November 20th) with boughs of Holly!

But first, Friends & Family Sunday is a month away!

We offered invitation cards to those present to assist you with your invitation to others. If you need more or did not receive one, they are located on the volunteer sign-up table.

Invitation can be hard, but prayer is powerful! Continue to be in prayer for who you will invite.

You will find an empty postcard in your Sunday bulletin. Write down the name of who you are hoping to invite, take it home, look at it often, and pray at every opportunity you get.

Remember, you are inviting them to experience the greatest of all relationships!

Love God ~ Share God

Pastor Rick will begin a sermon series on this Sunday of Friends & Family.

‘The Chosen’

Many of you are familiar with this series. If you are not, look it up and watch!

Share this information in your invitation. (It is printed on the invitational card.)