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Family Ministries

Family Ministries

Partnering with families to help raise their children in Christian Faith

At First United Methodist Church, we care about your family. We also understand that families can come to us in many different ways. So we have taken the time to develop intentional ways to care for you and your family, especially those with children.

Please take advantage of the resources we have provided or call the church office to discuss how you can learn more about family ministries.


Create a partnership between the local church and homes to create an environment that will foster discipleship.


Intentionally create three environments:

  1. A Family that practices faith together
  2. A Community of trustworthy friends and family
  3. A Church that the whole family loves


  1. Resourcing parents
  2. Connecting families to community through small groups
  3. Providing age-level ministries with excellence

For more information on family ministries, please contact the church office at (940) 683-2780 or via email: