Lay Leader / Co-Chair
Shelley McComis

At Large Members

Class of 2014
Shanna Blalock
Paula Tolle
Nancy Eaton
Class of 2015
Bunny Perry
Denise Casper
Billy Brewer
Class of 2016
Marci Craddock
Jeff Green
Kelly Huddleston

Lay Leadership

The charge conference elects members for the committee on lay leadership (formerly nominations and personnel). It is a committee or team that serves throughout the year to guide the church council or alternative structure on matters regarding the lay leadership (other than employed staff) of the congregation to:

  • Engage in growth and development as disciples of Jesus Christ
  • Focus on mission and ministry as service
  • Guide the development and training of Christian spiritual leaders
  • Recruit, nurture, and support persons in their elected roles
  • Assist the church council (or alternative structure) in assessing changing leadership needs.

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