Taylor German

At-Large Members

Donna Stowers
Pam Worlow

Elected Members to the Council

Class of 2014
John Crisp
Verna Manning
Dale Davis
Class of 2015
Elizabeth Reynolds
Staci Russell
Steve Mauk
Class of 2016
Peggy Johnson
Brenda Kennedy
Adney Stowe

Staff Pastor Parish Relations – SPPRC

The Staff-Parish Relations Committee is the administrative unit in a local church where staff and congregational interests are integrated to focus on the mission of the church.

The committee relates to all staff, both bishop-appointed staff and employed staff….The SPPRC has some of the same functions of a personnel office or Human Resources department in other organizations.

The SPPRC has primary responsibility to work with staff so that the mission of the church is realized. The SPPRC should have a clear understanding of your local church’s mission and vision, built upon the mission of the wider Church.

The SPPRC works with individuals and groups, including: the lead pastor, the lay staff, the congregation (individually and corporately), candidates for licensed and ordained ministry, the district superintendent, the United Methodist conference and general church staff.

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